Esqido Eyelashes

Esqido Lashes

Eye without lashes are like cake without frosting looking for perfect lashes for your eyes has taken the pride to introduce world famous eyelashes brand ESQIDO first time in Pakistan with original and authentic false eyelashes. HomeBazar is an official and authorized partner of ESQIDO brand in Pakistan.

The simplest way to have star eyelashes is to put false eyelashes. We offer you a range of Esqido false eyelashes of high quality. We have false eyelashes of various thicknesses and various types of eyes. Choose your favorite false-eyelash length and style and drop them gently as close to your natural lash fringe with a touch of false eyelash glue. Discover our range of practical false eyelashes, trendy and inexpensive, and get ready to bring down all the guys with a beating of eyelashes.

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