Your Ultimate Guide How To Use Your Favorite Makeup Brushes!!!

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Which makeup brushes to choose for make up? There are dozens of brushes for makeup, how to find the right one for yourself?

Read the article to get complete guide about makeup brushes types and their Uses.

Be aware first of all that there are two types of bristles of different brushes, natural bristles and synthetic bristles. They each have a specific use.

  • Brushes made of natural bristles allow a more intense and precise application of powders and make-up. They keep the particles in the hair better.
  • Brushes made of synthetic bristles are more suitable for liquid or greasy bodies such as foundation, lipstick. They are stronger and last longer with better resistance to washes.

The shapes also have their importance; the rectangular brushes serve for the precision of the lines, beveled to be as close as possible to the desired place. Rounded and supplied lay down and melt powders and dishes spread.

Brushes for Facial Makeup

Powder BrushPowder Brush

Features: Round and dense brush designed to apply powders free or pressed, its round shape marries the face and blends without overloading.

Uses: Apply, blend, and sculpt.

Instructions: A small amount of powder is taken with the brush, and then applied by sweeping the entire face. Can be used with a bronzer to sculpt the face.

Blush BrushBlush Brush

Features: A bit finer than the powder brush, it is thick and supplied in rather soft natural hair. The hairs are rounded to be able to sculpt the face.

Uses: Apply, blend, and sculpt.

Directions for use: A small amount of blush is taken with the brush, and then gently placed on the crown of the cheekbones in small touches, while moving up towards the temples.

Beveled Powder BrushBeveled Powder Brush
Features: It is dense and cut in angle: It is used to work powders, structure and illuminate the face.

Use: Apply, Fade, Illuminate, And Sculpt.

Instructions: Pick up the powder with the rounded tip of the brush to apply it to the cheekbones. With the bevel side, one stretches and blends to the temples. To sculpt the face by digging the cheeks, a darker shade is placed underneath the previous one at the bottom of the cheekbones; one stretches this one with the bevel from the back towards the front of the face.

Foundation BrushFoundation Brush
Features: Synthetic bristles; it is a flat brush with rounded tip, well supplied and with the hair tight in order to spread the material well and allow a homogeneous and smooth application.

Use: Apply and Sculpt.

Instructions: We start from the inside of the face to the outside and spread with a back and forth movement, without pressing too much, over the whole face. Care should be taken to spread the material up to the neck and ears to avoid demarcation.

Diffuser BrushDiffuser Brush
Features: It is composed of natural bristles and synthetic fibers. The natural hairs are dense and short, while the synthetic fibers are more elongated and scattered. This brush adapts to fluid textures, creams and powders. It allows a subtle application, light and homogeneous. It avoids the mask effect.

Uses: Apply, Fade, Illuminate

Fan BrushFan Brush
Features: A thin, flared and light shape to sweep off excess without leaving a trace. It can also lightly apply an illuminator or sun powder.

Use: Fade, Sculpture

Instructions: Sweep away excess powder or drops of eyeshadow dropped under the eyes. Lightly sprinkle an elasticized or tan on the desired south face.

Corrector BrushCorrector Brush
Features: It looks like the foundation brush in smaller. It applies the correctors and the concealers whatever the texture and makes it possible to conceal all the imperfections of the complexion.

Uses: Apply, Fade

Directions: Take the material and apply to dark circles, pimples, spots, redness.

Kabuki BrushKabuki Brush

Features: It is a large brush with round crown and short handle. It is very dense to take a maximum of powder, while ensuring a light application thanks to its very soft bristles. It applies uniformly on the face, foundations powder. It makes it possible to crush and to make the powder enter the heart of the brush to diffuse it in a uniform and covering way. It also makes it possible to sweep away excess powder on the face.

Use: Apply, Fade.

Directions: To apply the foundation powder, turn well and crush the powder, pat on the edge to remove the excess and apply on the face while turning.

Brushes for Eye and Lip Makeup

EyeShadow BrushShadow Brush
Features: It is a natural bristle brush, flat and rounded to apply dry makeup. It is ideal for dosing and accurately laying the shadow on the eyelid.

Use: Apply, Fade, Intensify.

Beveled Eyeshadow BrushBeveled Shadow Brush
Features: It is round and beveled to accurately apply one or more shadows powder, cream or fluid. It allows an extremely fast makeup of the eyelid.

Use: Apply, Fade, Intensify.

Instructions: The beveled side allows applying the clear material on the eyelid. The tip is used with a darker shade to form a "banana" at the fold of the eyelids and give relief to the look. The shadow is placed in the hollow and the outer corner of the eyelid and degraded with the bevel.

Eyelid BrushHollow Eyelid Brush
Features: It consists of long and flexible hairs to work infinitely the blush without irritating the eyelid. It allows the application of powdered dark eye shadows in the hollow of the eyelid.

Use: Apply, Fade, Intensify

Blending BrushPaint Brush or Blender
Features: Oval shape and tight hair, It is designed to degrade dry blusher and melt the material.

Use: Fade, Intensify.

Directions for use: After applying the clear shadow on the eyelid and the dark shadow in the outer corner, the dark shadow is degraded with this brush from the outside towards the inside at the level of the fold of the eyelid. Small circular movements are made.

Eyeliner BrushEyeliner Brush
Features: It is a flat brush straight for the application of eyeliner. It is designed to make a fine and precise line.

Use: Apply, Trace.

Instructions: Impregnate the hair with compact or fluid eyeliner before drawing a thin line along the upper fringe of the eyelashes.

Precise Eyeliner BrushPrecise Eyeliner Brush
Features: It is very thin and sharp to apply a liquid or cake eyeliner. It allows a precise trace and is modulated according to the pressure exerted on the brush.

Use: Apply, Trace.

Instructions: The hair is impregnated with liquid eyeliner before drawing a line along the upper fringe of the eyelashes.

Eyebrow BrushEyebrow Brush
Features: It is flat and beveled. It is rather stiff and rigid to be able to hang the shadow in the heart of the hairs of the eyebrows. Its beveled cutting allows the angles and shapes of the eyebrows to be well worked.

Uses: Apply, Fade, and Trace, Intensify.

Directions for use: The eyebrow shadow is removed and applied by small touches on the areas to be corrected or filled.

Lip BrushLip Brush
Features: Thin brush with fine, synthetic hair to draw and apply lipstick to the lips. With the brush, the material hangs much better.

Instructions for use: The color is taken and the dotted outlines are drawn slightly if you do not put a pencil. Otherwise, one starts with the heart of the mouth to spread out to the contour.

Eyebrow Comb BrushEyelash and Eyebrow Comb Brush
Features: This is a double-toed brush that separates eyelashes after mascara and disciplines eyelashes and eyebrows. The brush also serves to remove the face powder that has settled on the eyebrows.

Uses: Separate, discipline.

Eyelash CombEyelash Brush & Mascara Applicator

Features: It is a stiff cylindrical brush that serves to cover the eyebrows and eyelashes, to separate them and remove the overflow of mascara. With transparent mascara, it keeps the eyelashes and eyebrows and makes them shine. It can also be used to remove powder from the eyebrows.

Uses: Apply, Separate.

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