How to apply your liquid foundation naturally and effectively?

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Foundation constitutes the basis of a successful make-up. To know how to apply foundation naturally and effectively, follow our advice and discover how to get a perfect complexion with a few simple gestures.

In today's world, women play many roles. Whether you are a business woman, a student, a housewife or just a curious reader, all women deserve to be at their best and possess the know-how to realize it. This article will show you how to apply your foundation makeup base. It's easy, and you can do it in minutes!

By the time you finish reading this passage on how to easily apply your natural foundation, you are now ready to take the world in hand and succeed your look of hell.

Follow these steps:

Use water based facial cleanser with little or no alcohol. Before applying foundation make sure to relive your skin from oil & dirt.Face cleansers with little or no alcohol will be perfect to clean your skin.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash

Dry your face and apply a moisturizing cream. This will help your liquid foundation to last longer and give it a natural look. After applying the moisturizer, let your face dry for 1 to 2 minutes.

Essentials Fairness 5-In-1 Face Cream

Apply a small amount of concealer to hide imperfections or facial problems. Choose your concealer according to your skin complexion.

LA Girl Pro Concealer Orange

Pour a small amount of liquid foundation on your hand.

Liquid foundation
Dab a small amount of liquid foundation on the corner of the make-up sponge.
Makeup Sponge

Apply the liquid foundation in the same areas where you applied the concealer.

Finger foundation Application

Apply liquid foundation to all other areas, mix the composition so that you have a solid foundation. Now you are ready to fascinate the world with confidence with your beautiful appearance as well as your impeccable makeup.

Applying liquid foundation on face


    Mistakes To Avoid While Applying Foundation

     1. Choosing the wrong foundation shade

    Makeup artists all over the world suggest that the foundation should be in the same tone as your natural complexion. To determine the perfect tone for your skin apply a line of each of the 3 or 4 colors that seem closest to your complexion to your jaw and choose one that marries more invisibly.

    Liquid foundation swatches


    1. Applying foundation with force

    If you apply too much pressure to your sponge or applicator you will not get better coverage. All that you will accomplish by rubbing too hard is reddening of the skin and uneven distribution of the foundation. For a better effect use your fingers and apply the foundation with light circular motions.


    applying foundation with force

    1. Applying foundation with insufficient light

    If the piece is too light or too dark, you will not be able to see properly and cover your entire face evenly. When you go outside, the light of day will make your mistakes visible. Our advice is to create your makeup in the same light in which you will wear it.

    Light to apply foundation

    1. Spreading foundation on face

    Make sure you spread and blend your foundation, especially around the edges. Pay close attention to the following areas: the root of the hair, under and around the nose, ears, chin and jaw and especially the neck.

    Spreading foundation over face

    1. Covering face defects

    If you are trying to cover a defect, you should know that hiding it more with the foundation has the opposite effect. Spread the foundation in a uniform layer over your entire face; do not stack in an area, because this will draw attention to this area. 

    1. Don’t use excessive amount of foundation

    Your skin needs air, so in this case, "the less, better" is the rule to pass. Otherwise, you may be mistaken for a clown.

    applying excessive amount of foundation

    1. Prepare your skin well before applying the foundation

    First, you need to clean the skin. Then you must moisturize it with a moisturizing lotion. You can start applying the foundation once the moisturizer is completely absorbed.

    Preparing face  for foundation use


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