How to Apply Lipstick & Lipgloss Professionally!!

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Nothing is easier than to put on lipstick. Yet lips also require precise make-up rules. How to maintain your lips? How to apply lipstick? How to makeup lips?

Girls usually don’t think while applying lipstick they just grab stick or brush and starts putting lipstick without any care!!

What? If you took 5 minutes of your time to properly apply your precious lipstick?

Preparation of lips before applying the lipstick


  • The first rule is not to neglect the preparation. To put on lipstick correctly, it is essential to heal your mouth.

  • Exfoliation will allow you to get rid of unsightly dead skin. To have a beautiful mouth, it is recommended to scrub your lips, once a week.

  • For this gentle peeling, you have two options: use the scrub that you already use for your face, or apply a specific or suitable product on the lips. You can also use very warm cotton water.

  • Easily and effectively, you just need to rub to eliminate dead skin. Sugar also serves best exfoliator for your lips.

  • After getting rid of the dead skin, you must go through the hydration. To nourish your lips after scrubbing use nourishing lip balm.

  • If you want to apply lipstick directly, do not forget to dab your lips with a tissue to absorb the excess moisturizing balm.

To learn how to put on your lipstick follow these three steps to ensure prominent looking lips.


Step 1: Underline the contour of the lips with a well-cut pencil, beginning with the "V" of the upper lip and then the middle of the lower lip. Reassemble corners in the middle of the mouth to connect the tips.

First step to apply lipstick

Step 2: Apply your lipstick preferably with a brush for an impeccable finish, from the middle of the mouth towards outside.
Step 2

Step 3: Add a touch of lipgloss to the center of the lips, for a sensual and glamorous effect.

Step 3



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