How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro!!!

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You do not have to be a pro makeup to have pretty eyes well made up and highlighted with the good eye shadow. Perfecting your technique of applying eye shadow requires just a little patience and the right material. Learn how to properly apply your eyeshadow and wow your friends!

Follow these Steps with Pictures to apply your shadow like a Pro!!

Underline the Outline

Apply eyeshadow

Choose the darkest shadow from your palette. Start by drawing the contour at the level of the upper lashes. The stroke will serve as the basis for the rest of your eye makeup.

Correct the Burrs

apply eyeshadow 2

Eye shadow particles are often deposited under the eye or sometimes on the cheekbones, take them out with blush brush and put some loose powder.

Stretch Eye Shadow

starch the eyeshadow

Using a flat brush with darkest shadow to redraw the banana of your eyelid that is the hollow part draw out the shadow outwards to open the eyes.

Open your Eyes

Open your Eyes

To illuminate your eyes apply the clear and bright shade to arch under the line of your eyebrows.

Trace the Contours

Trace the Contours

Balance your eyes by drawing lower lashes outline with medium shade of your palette, use beveled to achieve the best result.

Apply Mascara

Apply Mascara

Mascara is essential to finalize the makeup of your eyes, apply it starting at the root of eyelashes and going back up, don’t hesitate to stretch your eyelid with your finger to achieve your desired result.

The Results

The Results after applying eyeshadow

fade is light and beautiful the standout look for your eyes.

Tips for Perfect Result.

  • When using powder coating, you can moisten the brush a little to give depth and vibration to your eyes. Or you can use a makeup base.

  • Invest in good quality brushes. The most important is to have a brush for each color so that when you use different colors they do not mix and do not get confused.

  • Apply a cream shadow and then a powder shadow can add light to your makeup, but this can give a heavy appearance if the makeup is not applied properly.

  • Always use a base or primer. This prevents creasing and keeps the colors fresh all day.

  • You must have cotton on hand, in case you make a few mistakes, because if you use your fingers, it will give a blurred effect. Simply soak the cotton in the makeup remover, clean, and voila!

  • Find the right brush size. It should not be too thin or too thick.

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