Anti-dark circles and correctors: how to choose them?

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Anti-dark circles, concealers, color correctors ... We quickly get confused which one to select we have compiled a list of concealers with their details to deal with your selection problems.

Concealer Selection
The concealer and corrector are part of the makeup products that can instantly awaken tired and uneven skin tone. Come learn to play with textures and colors to get a fresh, unified but not plastered complexion!

The Concealer

Anti-dark circles are surely the most well-known complexion correction product. As the name suggests, it is supposed to erase traces of fatigue and give the air cooler. The skin of the contour of the eye is sensitive and easily marks. So, to avoid drying out and marking the small fine lines, creamy texture creams are the most appropriate.

Anti-dark circles apply before or after the liquid foundation according to the desired coverage (before the foundation when you have slept 10 hours and after the foundation for the night after agitation). In the case of a foundation powder, it applies before to avoid pies.

Your concealer can be slightly lighter than your skin for an immediate defatting effect.

Here is a small explanatory drawing of the areas of the look where it should be applied. You can also use a brush (by smoothing the product) as your little fingers (by tapping the product).

Concealer Application

Selection of concealer:

Concealer products

MUA Cover & Conceal Wand Fair - Hide imperfections and create a smooth skin with this MUA Almond & Conceal Cover Concealer. The creamy, light texture provides a natural coverage and stays put all day.

L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal HD high-definition Concealer Orange - HD Pro Conceal LA Girl is a concealer with perfect coverage. It darkens dark circles, imperfections and redness while illuminating the eye. The cover is irreproachable and intensifiable at will. The material is applied and spreads easily thanks to its integrated brush applicator.

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer 25 Medium - Fit Me! Concealer is an oil-free corrector that provides perfect, uniform coverage by matching the complexion of your skin. This corrector offers a natural coverage that beautifies the skin. Its oil-free formula conceals redness, stains and other imperfections.

Makeup Academy PRO-BASE Prime & Conceal Concealer – This concealer is tinted to make a correction adapted to each need. The creamy texture of the concealer will help you easily conceal dark circles and blemishes, at your convenience, from light coverage to full coverage.

The "light reflector" concealer

As the name suggests, the light reflector is not there to correct imperfections but to give a little boost to the complexion. By optical effect, it may help to look defatiguer and restore freshness to the complexion, but it serves strictly nothing in case of large red button or suitcases under the eyes.

This type of fluid-textured product is often presented in the form of a pen / brush. It is applied after the foundation and the concealer/corrector, and before the powder. Here is a small explanatory drawing of where to apply it.


Corrector concealer

Selection of "light reflector" concealer:

Concealer Corrector pen

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer - 2 in 1 illuminator corrector to correct imperfections and illuminate shadow areas. Its 2in1 formula that covers and illuminates at the same time. Its melting texture melts with the skin for a makeup without over-thickness or demarcation. Its light-reflecting pigments illuminate dark circles and shadow areas and re-energize the complexion.

NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer - This lightweight corrector reduces discoloration and dark circles under the eyes in a subtle way. The formula rich in concentrated emollients applies easily and allows partial or total coverage. Use lavender for pale skin, green to reduce the appearance of redness and yellow for dark circles.

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer - This concealer bans dark circles and signs of fatigue with its lightweight formula that contains light scattering particles to create a radiant glow that awakens dull, tired skin. Usable on all skin tones, this is an essential makeup!

From concealer to color correctors

Redness, sun spots, veins ... Correcting a colored imperfection can be difficult. Fortunately, the principles of colorimetry are there to spin a little helping hand. It's very effective and it only takes a few seconds.

Here is a color wheel. In front of each color is its opposite color. When these two colors are placed on top of each other, they cancel each other out. In makeup, this wheel is very easy to use: just identify the color of the problem to be camouflaged (e.g. purple rings) and apply a corrector of the opposite color (here yellow / mustard).

Corrector Wheel

After using the color corrector, do not forget to use another concealer/corrector, this time in your skin tones, so that the correction is invisible.

Select color correction products:

Color Correction

MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette - The Pro Base Prime and Conceal palette contains all corrective dye bases for a flawless complexion!

Yellow: Illuminate and correct targeted areas Green: Unite and instantly neutralize redness Lilac: Give shine to dull and greyish complements Fishing: Add a good look to the complexion.

Pallet of 5 shades of correctors - This palette has the particularity to propose a lilac shade to revive the brilliance of the skin, as well as a mini-illuminating powder.

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